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Privately Held Convertible Note

Offering Reg D Rule 506



Total Investment Round



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NBTV INC investment opportunity is tailor made for non-accredited investors and accredited who see the African American Community as an important piece to American Society. Television and the framework of broadcasting is changing in American society many consumers are cutting the cord, which changes how over 62% of Americans view their favorite television content. Traditional television viewers that use linear technology will be moving over to streaming television platforms; one reason because of cost, and the second reason convenience and less overhead for Broadcasting Corporations to cross over into the streaming broadcasting space. Here at NBTV INC we believe our consumer advantage comes into play when you take into account that we offer multiple streaming connection points for end user consumers. Regulation Crowdfunding, commonly known as Reg CF, is a regulatory framework introduced with the JOBS Act in 2016. This groundbreaking legislation was developed to democratize the investment industry, extending opportunities to unaccredited investors who were previously underserved. In other words, Reg CF makes it possible for anyone to invest in privately held securities. However, investors should note that these investments can be riskier as they often involve younger and less established companies. Our mission is to continue Broadcasting exclusive HBCU sporting events on our Television Network all while carrying every major television network in the United States on our streaming devices. All of our subscribers pay a monthly subscription fee to access our Content, which generates monthly revenue. We estimate over 5,000,000 paying subscribers will be using the NBTV INC streaming platform by 2027 generating over 2 billion dollars in yearly NBTV INC revenue. Join forces Today and Don't miss this Wave; and Remember NBTV INC TV THAT CARES.

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